Ma-AuLot haOlam, m_haAdam haRishon = Our Planetary Heights according to Adam, the levels of creation, and the blessed-evolution in our Torah.????


I wanted to write my name, and birth-place and share some personal secrets from my wonderful childhood before and after the creation of the New State of Israel/Yisrael - which is only A Part of our Greater Yisrael, where our yet 'lost-tribes' are lost yet living away-from and on the lands Avrahåm/Avrahaum/Abram understood as Eden was to Adam and haOlam is, for me - now that we have seen the Earth from above and beyond 'The Sky' where The Twin-Rainbow can still be seen. But Microsoft, employing ascii has been taking away my ability to write my name, even with 'The Limitations of English' to actually pronounce, my name, my birthplace, my real thoughts and my wisdom, my ability to convey a thought, a concept, or even my invention in writing, in natural logic we naturally employ; and everything I want to share with Alohim/Elohim's children, as it has been put into my sub conscience by Alohim. As a living-servant by my original vow and hope, Alohim had thought me the way and gave me usciiiiii-code as the needed code for the 20=20 Natural-logic we can input into EchoLogical Machines - so that we can make computers and robots in our own image, as we are made in its image, as part of creation. Yet, our Living God, is not the one Jews, Christians nor Muslims are trusting; is mostly concerned with our Planet's Good Health, our Deviations from our Blessed Evolution, permitted so long so we can understand that we can harm Alohim's created living planet, which will belong to itself if we blow this planet apart or destroy life on Earth (Try, or keep Exploiting both Alohim's provided resources for all its children, and not the few exploiting all others as it was before humankind had started evolving by the wisdom of haAdåm haRishon/Adam) as now we know, there is no READY other planet, and until they find "A TWIN RAINBOW" in the sky of any other Earth and soil and water and sun plus moon to start with - this planet is made for all of us as equals before Alohim, as its living servants, and without any other human or not other GOD.!

Alohim, is the concept-word of the TRUST we put in our hope for salvation, miraculous creation and powers of owe linking our souls and bodies with all there is and is alive - within our vast universe (And maybe beyond-as there is yet more to discover and unveil for all as facts and truth we can add to wisdom, on our so modern 'tree-of-knowledge' added since Mileckatchilå and Bérésheet/In The Beginning, where Moshé had inserted the refined 1st chapter in our 'torah', as 'The Book of Knowledge", Eminent Truth gathered throughout Human Evolutions' History.







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