Life in Modern Babylon, for any zealous living-servant.

Rewards of my vow for "True-happiness and satisfactory-fulfillments during our living experience."

This true-life-story is for all who seek the unity with haAdam haRishon known as Adam who shared with his Eve the truths and values of God and Humanity.


Almost 5772 years after haAdam haRishon and 3223 years after our Toråuh/Toråh had been put into writing, while the key elements of our cosmos have not changed; yet, you are overwhelmed and may be confused from the abundant varieties of new and advanced technologies and modern sciences - plus our global cultural evolution - are still dealing with distortions and deviations into future pagan as well as historic pagan and anti-god as well as wrong gods and fears, doubts, lies, wrongs, evil, crimes and unsecured personal space and family life - all getting more difficult under the same sun and clouds on this Earth. Economic and religious wars have never stopped through these so many years, yet our Jewish culture was able to HOLD ON to the key original values we all can obtain if we grow beyond the limitations of our modern, but still Babylonian and politically ruled world.

While I was born in Yerushalauyeem, Latin Jerusalem, and was raised in Israel which is only part of Yisrael our homelands of our Tribes who keep the Human being Evolution as it was blessed forever under our oneness with our one miraculous creator on Earth, by the seeded soil and ice/water/air our image we keep in good mental and physical long term health; I have had easier life in modern-Babylon where English is the official national language, as well as very rewarding years on parts of our historic holylands - while most other almost 6 billion people are subjected to a god through people authorities ruled world, where unhappiness is abundant.

Life in modern Babylon with most advanced technologies of the 'Space" awareness age --easy for me, as I know.||.







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