Avrahaum, our forefather, had returned us to the trust in the creator and God of haAdam-haRishon, ADAM, the first human to comprehend the order of created life of our planet Earth; as a result of his inability to follow the family business of selling false Idles to the people.

During his life and by adopting the devotion to the original old culture we credit to be Adam's wisdom, Avrahaum had made the deep voyage of discovery baed on what I call "The Eminent Truth of Everness" by experiencing the mysterious ways of discovery and following the original blessings of creation.

The life story of Avrahaum, is well known as key part of all 3 major cultures on Earth, but unfortunatly Islam has been claiming its origins in a false way for its evil ambitions of conquest and rulling the world by returning to the primitive ways the world has long been passing away from, where freedom and social care are basic democratic rights of each indevidual on Earth.







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