Who Are We ?!

About Us:

We are 'Living servants' among you, where as one I am from the Tribe of Levi as well as am a Cohen; yet by my stepping beyond at early age to be by my grandfather's grave - where by entering a graveyard, I have lost my purity-rights before our people, yet by Alohim's permission I had had asked for granting respect after my loss of this special servant before me from our family, like others named RV. Ya'aukov Simchon, Kollel's Chief Rabbi of Yerushalauyeem who was my grate-grandfather before, are selected by vows and wishes fulfilled - and during life, each has personal collective experience in the specialty selected and/or blessed gift for later time to be part of a larger beneficial plan for better quality and safety of life and all there is.

More Info About Us, as:

"Blessed Universal news for Cyberspace"

We have been blasting our selective blessed content into cyberspace for more then a decade, as results of our original Research and Developments initiatives into automating nomadic manufacturing of superior flying-boats on water by wise universal in-cell-robotic manufacturing capability (Naturally, with optional manual and semi-automatic manufacturing capability, useful without the additional remote personal manufacturing capability) and as a business, we are simply here for all people and peoples benefits, hoping to help you and your dearest ones in life.

The work of creating wise machines has lead us to help people also learn to know our creator's hopes from us directly as one with others, in our time, in a modern simpler way Alohim had said through my phrase "All my children" meaning all living and all that is alive and that there is.

Even More Info About Us

Our news have reached places already, but prior to making marvelous things happened on Computers and Robots made in our Images - for benefiting everyone, by the unveilings of our miraculous creator miraculous wisdom - as success of life on Earth.