Without predicting any future but knowing we can effect our planet's future, as we get wiser in the unveilings of its secrets yet hidden from us; and with the hope we do get all politicians to facilitate industries and education plus health and safety plus culture to serve our best interests in harmony with nature under the sun while it still has the upper hand - and in my hope we never get the upper hand on nature and her partner.

Our blessed evolution has been clear to us since creation told had ended its original cycle and again granted us the seeds of cultural knowledge with the 1st commandment to work the soils of the ever-living Garden-of-Eden and national knowledge on the 'world-to-come' as was added later as 5 moral and 5 laws as 10 commandments on tablets for each hand with 5 fingers to remember and count by and...!?, after so many disappointment by not as pure servants seeking the credits granted only to the chosen ones, chosen ones and not choosing ones.

If we employ the ancient truths of the 'flat-world' now that we know it is a 'rounded-world' and limited, and have deeper understanding how we are made in the seemingly 'invisible-presence-god' image in body and soul as we are in blood but not in ice and water or soil of our dear OLAM Planet Earth; the so miraculous most special one for all living things, where in our oneness also brings the blessings over all its created lifes as its children, nature and its animals plus us the people of peoples sharing this planet with us - where we Jews and original Yisrael or Adam must take the Torah and start reading it with understanding its intercultural comprehension code as decades and centuries accumulate, because the deeper understanding joins us as one with such valued way of enjoying the gifts of life and maybe we can bring back the fuller glory of the twin-rainbow and not be 'wondering and pondering' Tohim-vBohim without the confidence in the bank of oneness.


Think of the purifying quality of ice, water and air...

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