Here are descriptive links to only some of our network location of information on the www

These are only the ones owned by "The Olam Group" Corp.

New Discoveries Inventions "Superior Surface Effects' Technologies", website is @ "Superior Hulls Inc."

New Inventions Inventions like HandsFins as found @ http://SuperiorHulls/HandFins.

New Innovations Innovations like Universal Syntexting, found @ Followed by an example of a link.

New Methods Methods like Prepatent Commercial Protection, as found @ http://PrePatent

New Wisdom of Torah New Wisdom like

Private International Navigation Links Here

Our network is yet more Modern Patenting Method option by employing yet new Commercial Protection instruments of the wwww and wwwww options we can employ on the www – hence it being used for our special customized network for elements of the "Super Economy Issues" related first for Inventors, Investors and all related professional development teams, administration and management, in harmony with nature and humankind's blessed evolution.

The network is kept really small - as it is in private ownership for private use and transfers.