My dear special one. Oneness, is what we share as same; and that God is one, is our original claim.  Like the mother of discovery, our collective living verbal dialog as resulted with the dominance of GOD based oneness yet with its special quality, haAdam haRishon was the first to state.
You and I have started our major confrontation with the Oldest Argument On Earth.  The learning process, is how the blessing passes among people from the fears of darkness and the unknown to the warmth and comforts of the daylight within our solar system within the universe the cosmos holds.  Our culture, unlike Aztec or any other native culture to evolve including the one which works best for you, are Just Part and NEVER A REPLACEMENT as all are so much poorer to the extent of harming theirs followers and not uniting them under the oneness which makes them one, under our GOD.

So when you start with the divine grace of God, you are starting from seeing GOD in one of Alohim's many inspired wonderful gardens in heaven and as seeded within the soil of Earth itself prior to our discovery of awareness - and here is where we differ as different and not alike or of the same as we can be with others like ourselves or yet completely as different as animals and nature himself.  Yes, our tongue is telling us that nature is not a she. There are many she and he in nature, and few which are one (self multiply to re-grow and evolve) but to put it simply, what makes us one with animals is the living and surviving by nature alone being free and thinking capable life-forms which are not the same as Organic living but in harmony with both living forms secured by nature and the grace of the sun, water and soil as we all agree, any why the garden of Eden can be beautified on ours so lonely and only living planet within the cosmos, as I claim now, after NASA had made major discoveries and have mapped the cosmos as it is.  Yes, we are living in the time we can witness the true and real and factual cosmos, yet are so blind on this most dear of planets, to my boss_!

Our Oneness

Our Oneness, the one which makes us one with ourselves and also with all our kind and other kinds like us, including our preferred people and cultures and as consumers of goods and services, created as ones divided into pairs for creating new ones; and this, for each and any other created living creature as species similar in oneness ourselves. (Head, Body, mind, eyes, ears and alike)

As Nations - Blessed is the celebrating of our oneness by the concepts of 'viva la difference' which makes us more special or unique and interesting, as opposing to created problems of 'race' and any other 'hate' related, unnatural, manipulated and even evil intended reasons we all are better to forget while celebrating in many ways how we can thank for all the free gifts of life and natural logic plus compassion and abilities plus special excellences we can deliver - and so much more - only humans can do...

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