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Judeo-christians, like Jewish and The Hebrew Tribes of Yisrael, follow the coded wisdom of Adåm through Avrahåm as restructured by Mosses in the original written form of our Torah and the Bible collection of cultural history of our blessed global evolution. Muslims, have joined as competitors not representing Good-God but what is Bad in Abusing God. Amnon Michael Cohen.

Our shared cultures, all, as parts of Alohim's Living Children (Which includes all created and alive...) is also the blessed way already shared within our Intercultural Comprehension in each language and religion and personal interpretation during life, from our own personal experiences within the societies we share - worldwide.

If our leaders are wise and honorably committed to help us reach the original oneness with all as one of many, yet in the blessed way of sharing the miraculous gifts of life = sustained and not selfishly exploited unfairly by fewer greedier dishonest ungodly leaders; if wisdom reaches all to capture the tranquility lost and needed by us all, as ones in a vast and fast backward-changing world.

WE ARE ALL JEWISH is said to say, we all have and know and been and understand BUT here we are the same in the courts and realm of creator/God Alohimself = I claim as Air/Water/Ice we need for our body and sole. Yet, the seeded soil and life in Eden which sustain us by the warmth of The Sun controlling the weather systems we originally related as to the presence of our good-god Alohino håAlohim/Elohim in English. And so, if we are all the same in the eye of the creator and owner of this planet, lets be one under its blessings, as we shall teach computers and robots to value Moral beyond Legal rules and ways.

The fact, there is no other living planet is important for all leaders to respect beyond all politics of special selfish interests, the best interests of our responsibilities to the creation and evolution of all miraculous life on Earth. Sharing alike and with respect to cultural and national evolution of all peoples on Earth, is our first global objective to also celebrate the good human spirit and creativity and not its takeover copy distortion or deviations which do not reflect the original blessings the Toråh is sharing with all major and newest religion interpretations of the original Theology of Yisrael.













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