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Moshae, was the first to recognize the importance of documenting our Matriarchal Cultural, National and Global History.

The TEXT of our TORAH, was originally written by Moshé our first teacher and Rabbi, as he understood it from his brother Åhauron, our first Kcohen; and both served to renew Yisrael's tribes from being lost and as slaves yet free people representing our forefathers' hope for our growth into a blessed-nation with special qualities on its granted lands by the original and ultimate owner of our universe, its sun moon and Earth planets, as eminent eminent one in the miraculous oneness shared throughout the universe - but with the focus on our seeded soiled wet and sun sustained planet Earth.

The original story was documented within the second chapter of creation where Moshé Rabenu had re-clarified its content in the first NEW chapter inserted into the original Torah**, so it is to be understood by the Yisraelites he was leading as tribes on to our 'home and holy lands', after 10 generations of slavery because we did not return to Yisrael as soon as we could originally, back from Egypt. As in the original text of The Torah we do not have in other then absolutely pure reproductions which we never alter, nor add nor subtract, for almost 4,000 years - so that you can also be as equal to understand the same text as if you are looking at the same picture, listening to the same sound, with natural and other sounds; we also can read in prayer where our soul is one with the truth the text conveys - a very very strong bond seldom reached by most people -

**The original Torah we think was destroyed or is to be found or handed back to us for our next new Temple













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