Our not yet much developed nations, have naturally evolved by regional and national ways, and are now amply developed to meet advanced developed nations; and yet with modern business tools, we can now also proceed towards our oneness on this special living planet.

As principally and naturally equal living people on Earth, not yet equal on other terms as to birth rights and education plus working contribution rights for obtaining more rewards on equal social and economic positions we have inherited from the past and also have earned or gained through life, there is a call for all basic standard needs we all can aim to meet by supply as equals; and in a yet better world where rewards for extra efforts is also rewarding in many ways.

Social Capitalizem is the way for us all to share a more safe and richer world, from the fruits of yet more successful human evolution to be our best as creation aims at in its voyage through time granted for life within our universe.

Education of the truth, in its eminent compliance with history itself, is the blessed way for us all to reach the days of Eden, in our lifetime as well as benefit from human growth on Planet Earth.


This education is on the way, as this HUB gathers its facts and truth in one place.



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