Poetic Powers

Concise Intercultural Comprehension, is automatically obtained within the human mind by nature itself, employing first the open mind and ear as well as the sub conscience of human nature as originally prescribed within the verbal and then after by the written Torah - in an intercultural code which complies with the original structure of Eevreet as it had been developed by our forefathers from the best 7 prehistoric natural languages of humankind - apart from all other more primitive human sapiens found on our one and only miraculous living planet within the yet open and not yet known universe(YéKuM) in space (TeVeL).

While English, had become the most written and spoken language next to Spanish and all other Natural Languages; English can not properly write or vocalize my name and my birthplace which is the most well known and world destination to all who seek to know Alohim, Élohim, GOD or Alla and alike...

Computers function by logic, as simple as 1&0 B&W Y&N as well as CLICK or PUSH or ON/OFF and Mathematics as 'A Language' our research has indicated the NEED for UNIVERSAL SUPER NATURAL LANGUAGE so to facilitate UHMI an advanced technology for HMI in Automation for Industries and Business and daily life of all peoples of our world.

Because human natural languages in use worldwide by trading nations are at intellectual levels beyond basic functions of machines, the actual universal way for The Human-Mind to MEET The Electronic-Brain, is by the key oneness in our creation and evolution where "Poetic Powers" and "Natural Logic" in Examples, Jokes, Stories, beyond rules are needed by the standard proposed as USCIIIIII CODE.


Natural Logic

Natural Logic at human level is employed so we can derived from thinking/calculating and evaluating/testing and deciding/choosing process expected to yield expected and unexpected answers/results to questions/needs and there is a universal standard we all share which is safe and beneficial for our wishes to create machines in our own image as beneficial as we are created in our creator's image.



The Universal Standard for all people and machines, is Air as Alohim is for us. In wireless ways which are Electric as well as Vocal, Highest Quality Automatic Comprehension of Intercultural Content Translations in Personal Voiceprints as well as Writing, useful for Electromagnetic Memory plus Electrostatic Memory


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