Yisrael, more properly spelled, are the people who know and follow the culture of the Eevreem/Hebrew cultural-evolution from creation. As ancient people, like other 'children of creation'; we share a special original culture which has been adopted by many other cultures, as the truths and facts of human evolution in knowledge through history that science as well as archaeology had been also verifying to be the eminent-truth.

The special interests of each original culture by its language as well as traditions including the original different way of life and belief they are keeping (Pagan, Primitive, Witchcraft, Astrology and alike) are protected in ways and lies which has not allowed all people of all peoples to evolve as we are blessed to achieve by healthy mental and physical growth into nations and states on one Earth - under the oneness we all share - as we (Eevreem) know the blessing for all humankind, which is the core of our heritage. Delivering the eminent-truth. Therefore the truth I am sharing with future generations, as well as you from our own time, is hereby placed on the www, because our own people's teachers (Rabbis) do not yet know some of the key cultural codes our own Torah has documented for future generations and living prophets Alohim had chosen, by the hand of its writer, Moshéah.

During my lifetime, I was able to first share privately with many individuals, much of the truth I am sharing at this website; because I was testing first the willingness and openness and oneness of our generation to revisit the eminent and documented truth closer to its origin - resulting with much interest, intrigue and surprise of my vast true living knowledge - but also like during my forefathers times, being well ahead of almost all 7 billion people on Earth, I have realized the damages of deviations for more then 3,000 years since the original deviation of Juda's self forgiveness and claim of superiority over Yisrael in our own culture, and more then 2,000 years of Christian deviation from Judaism, and the new deviation into Islam in less half a century ago, all of which had damaged our blessed human evolution and has reduced much of what I am willing to do (Climb on a xross or threatened by any sword) for repairing these damages to all human societies all over Earth - so I am leaving only part of my insight published here and am leaving more of its living-verbal-Torah in trust to my own sons - and my decision is mostly because I have found that lies have grown so far away from the truth and there will be too many who will choose to fight in order to keep theirs positions of power over people and nations in the false name of God by religious organizations, and for the Country by politicians and heads of Kingdoms and any rulers over people who are self serving and not real honorable graceful leaders or teachers and individuals seeking such positions over people - because of my choice for the quality of life I have asked for, was and is more important for me in a world of lies and fools and enemies of our cultural heritage. I also, do not need to apologize for my personal human choice, to live and enjoy my own life, in comfort and happiness, all my life through, and not be a reason for sacrifice for or by others.


We can see from space, the 40 years trail of the wondering Yisrael circulating the mountain

and here is the sights they saw coming back to our homelands.

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